After the founding of our club, it would have been unthinkable not to include the youth. For this reason, in the first year of the club's existence (1954), a youth group was founded under the direction of Anton Blassmann. With the help of Peter Lind, Karl Mohaupt took over leadership of the group in 1955.

Due to the immigration of the numerous Donauschwaben in the 1950's, the amount of young people who were born in the old country and were familiar with the Donauschwaben customs and traditions grew. Peter Wintergeist was the leader of the youth in 1960. In 1962, leadership of the Youth Group was taken over by Melinda Zwertscheck, with the help of Peter Ipach and Leni Jung. It was the year 1963 when Adolf Leist, with the help of Kathi and Hans Weissmann, took over the reigns of the group.

Mr. Leist had to give up his position as youth leader due to health problems in 1969 and Leni Jung, one of the original members of the Youth Group, took it over. Under her direction, the youth learned many new dances, which they performed at various area events. When Mrs. Jung stepped down from her position in 1985, the leadership of the group was handed over to Debi Tullius and her assistant Lori Prugel. In 1996, Amy Waldeck was named an assistant. 1998 was a high point in the history of the Youth Group, for in this year, the group had the luck of traveling to Germany.

At this time, our youth group consists of more than 30 members. The goal of the Youth Group is to maintain the customs and way of life of the old country through songs, folk dances, and performances of plays. The biggest events of the year for the youth are the Kirchweih and the Strauss Ball. In the future, it will be the job of the club to preserve and promote the youth, for the youth is the cornerstone of the club's future existence.