The Donauschwaben offers several groups that cover a wide variety of interests. Whether it be singing, dancing, sports, or just fun, we offer something fun and exciting for members of all age groups. As a whole, the groups help bind the club together, in that they preserve and celebrate our German heritage.

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Little Children's Group Info



Founded in 1996, the Little Children's Group consists of children ages 4 to 7. On Monday nights, they learn German folk dances and songs.

Children's Group Info



The Children's Group members range between 7 and 13 years old. They meet Mondays at the Donauschwaben Haus to practice dances, as well as poems and songs.

Youth Group Info



At this time, our Youth Group consists of more than 30 members, young adults between the ages of 14 and 22. Through songs, folk dances, and performances of plays, they maintain the customs and way of life of the old country. Last year, the Youth Group undertook a trip to Germany.

Schuhplattlers Info



This is Greater Cincinnati's premiere German folk dancing group. This lively group, in their traditional Bavarian dress, pleases every audience.

Trachten Group Info



The ladies and gentlemen of the Trachtengruppe preserve something special which, along with musical accompaniment, tells a story of a time gone by.

Ladies Group Info



The Ladies' Group prepares and cooks the varieties of food available at many club events. Two editions of a Donauschwaben cookbook have also been published by the ladies.

Singing Group Info



Since its founding in 1979, the Singing Group has been a mainstay in our club over the years. You need no prior experience in singing or German to join this friendly song group.

Seniors' Group Info



The Seniors' Group is the perfect place to meet good friends and play cards.

German Language School Info



The students of the German Language School are taught the essentials of German language and culture.

Sports Teams Info



Our soccer and softball teams are a great way to spend leisure time.