In order to promote and preserve the customs and traditions of the old homeland, the Donauschwaben Children's Group was founded on February 26, 1971. Control of the group was given to Marianne Helmchen and her assistants, Susie Putz and Hermine Schwarz. In December 1975, Maria Ludwig and Liesl Hrzic took over the Children's Group. In 1986, Kathy Kluesner (at that time Klein) and Heidi Kurzhals (at that time Westermeyer) took up the leadership of this dance group and exactly ten years later Annemarie Wilzbach (nee Ludwig), whose mother was entrusted with this group for a long time, became a co-leader of the children.

The children are between 7 and 13 years old. They meet Mondays at the Donauschwaben Haus to practice dances, as well as poems and songs. The Children's Group is an important part of our club, not only because of its beautiful performances, but also because it supplies the Youth Group with members and, in so doing, insures the future of our club.