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Even today, soccer is an established part of the club. Under the leadership of Peter Krier, the club's first soccer team came into being in 1958. The side soon became a successful team and, in 1959, captured the Ohio-Indiana Championship.

Through the years, Johann Keller, Josef Ludwig, Karl Themare, Toni Dittrich, John Putz, Franz Wachter, Josef Weber, Nick Westermeyer, Michael Heimann, Johann Krier, Leonard Weber, Russ Hartel, Fred Nagel, Nick Feisthammel, and Michael Waldeck have been entrusted with the club's various soccer teams. At this time, the club has only one team; but, with this team, the club has a worthy entrant in the Cincinnati sports world.


More details and current photos to be posted soon.

All games are held Thursday evenings at Kolping Park

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