In order to preserve the language of the old country, a German Language School was founded in 1958 under the direction of Dr. Anna Grünbauer. After she returned home to Germany, the school was taught by, among others, Sepp Haag, until he resigned this position in 1996. In that year, Rogar Schneider became school teacher.

At this time, the German Language School consists of approximately 12 children from the ages of 7 to 13, who, at the same time, are members of the Children's Group. Because the children dance in the Children's Group and their parents are involved in the Schuhplattler Group, the children meet Mondays from 8 to 9 o'clock (right after Children's Group practice and during the meeting of the Schuhplattlers) in the clubhouse's library.

The goal of the German Language School is not necessarily to transform our children into great poets like Goethe or Schiller, but rather to teach them the essentials of the German and/or Donauschwaben language and culture. Only if our children are interested in their mother tongue, as well as history, does our club have a chance to survive.